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Commander playmats on Kickstarter

Commander is the most popular single casual format for Magic: the Gathering. In this format, players choose a single legendary creature from the game as their Commander.

Decks are then built around the chosen commander, as each card must match one or more of the Commander’s colours. Cards not of the Commander’s colours may not be chosen. So if your Commander were a red creature, for example, you could not include a card in the deck that was both red and green

Decks consist of 99 cards plus the Commander. Other than basic lands, only 1 of a given card may be included in the deck, making for a high degree of variance from game to game, even with the same deck.

Now players have the chance to match their commander to their playmat with the latest project to hit Kickstarter.


Animar is one of the playmats and is a popular creature that is red, green, and blue. The art by Peter Mohrbacher is also popular, so I’m sure this playmat will get plenty of orders.

The project funded quickly, and more funds unlock a greater choice of playmats for all backers, so check out the Commander playmats project on Kickstarter now.

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  1. Bookstooge
    October 20, 2018

    Overall, I’m pretty happy with my “Bookstooge” mat…

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