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MtG artists: Viktor Titov

Viktor Titov has been illustrating cards since the Khans of Tarkir block, making him a relative newcomer to the game. Still over this time he has produced many striking cards, and some of his art has been on important cards in standard, so he work is often more recognised than his name among Magic players. Here are five of my favourite illustrations by Viktor Titov:
Den Protector


This warrior of Tarkir will fiercely protect her den – even if it means fighting with a baby at her side!

Glorifier of Dusk


The vampires of Ixalan are on a holy mission to find the lost city of Azcanta. Part conquest, part pilgrimage, it’s better to stay out of their way.

Roar of Triumph


One of my favourite arts from Khans of Tarkir, a warrior of the Temur faces off against an Abzan army under a clear ice-blue sky.

Shefet Monitor


From ice plains to desert, in this art one of the giant lizards of Amonkhet emerges from the sands. Please keep clear of the slashing claws.

Verdant Force


This is an updated illustration for a classic Magic card. This large creature creates smaller creatures for you in every turn it remains in play.


See all cards illustrated by Viktor Titov, or visit the artist’s website or ArtStation page.




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