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SAGA faction review: Jomsvikings

The SAGA Age of Vikings book presents 12 very different factions to players. This series will review each one in turn.

Who were they?

The Jomsvikings are undoubtedly the most controversial faction in Age of Vikings, as there is no conclusive evidence they existed at all. For some players these have a place next to the Revenant faction of undead. What information is said to refer to the Jomsvikings is that they lived in effect in a barracks complex in what is now Poland, and served under different Viking kings including Harald Bluetooth.



The Jomsvikings have no Levy, being a trained force of fighters. The Warlord, Hearthguard, and Warriors all have the option of heavy weapons, making the Jomsvikings are hard-hitting force if you want them to be.


Battle Board

Wrath tokens are the key feature of the Battle Board. You don’t start the game with any, but some abilities let you do something unless your opponent lets you have Wrath tokens instead. Other abilities let you spend these Wrath tokens for a bonus. For example the Punishment ability lets you cancel an activation ability unless your opponent lets you have 4 Wrath tokens. The Holmgang ability lets you spend up to 6 Wrath tokens in melee, where for each token spent you gain 1 attach or defence dice and your opponent loses a dice of the same type. Other Wrath abilities are similarly brutal!



The Jomsvikings are a powerful force, though the need to carefully manage your Wrath means they are considered one of the more complex factions, with a difficulty rating of 3 stars in the Age of Vikings book. However if all you want to do is attack people with a horde of angry vikings, then this is the faction for you!



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