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MtG artists: Jason Rainville

Jason Rainville’s first cards appeared in 2014, and since then he has illustrated over 50 cards. What follows are some of my favourites.

Heir of Falkenrath


This is one of my favourite illustrations from the Shadows Over Innistrad set. The connection between vampires and bats is suggested when you look at the outline of her clothes around her skin.

Reality Smasher


This art shows one of the otherworldly Eldrazi creatures laying waste to the world of Zendikar.

Admiral Beckett Brass


One of the pirate leaders of Ixalan, this character was designed to be an older woman. When Jason Rainville received the art description, he decided to use his own mother as the model!

Isareth the Awakener


This necromancer can empty any tomb, her undead followers are seen only by their shadows on the wall behind her.

Mardu Strike Leader


The colours of this piece appealed to me as they create a scene unlike most seen on the plane of Tarkir.

Bonus non-MtG art:


This is the cover of a Dungeons and Dragons book showing Xanathar, the powerful and scheming Beholder of the game. The Xanathar is also very fond of his goldfish.

See all cards illustrated by Jason Rainville or visit the artist’s ArtStation page.



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