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Webcomics on Warhammer Community

The Warhammer Community page has been transformed into a hub of sneak peeks, new releases, hobby tips, and images of painted models and armies.

The page also now hosts a trio of webcomics, a newer development some gamers might have missed.

Roll Models

This comic follows the adventurers of a pair of Sigmar’s knights in the new Age of Sigmar universe and takes a tongue-in-cheek look at how the models themselves might experience the game. Of the three, this one has been running the longest, with over 25 episodes available via the Roll Models page.

Vhane Glorious


Vhane Glorious is the newest webcomic, showcasing the adventurers of an irreverent Rogue Trader. As a fan of the Ciaphas Cain character I’m looking forward to Vhane Glorious.

Turn Signals on a Land Raider

tsolar_logoAlso known as TSOLAR, this comic follows the story of Krem and Frep, a pair of marines from the Emperor’s Pointy Sticks. The materials is in no way canon, as you’ll s

ee from reading even one episode. This comic is by far the oldest, having been originally

made years ago as a fan-based comic. It’s nice to see it invited back, though I wonder where the archive is showing Krem and Frep’s assembly, painting, and re-painting.


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