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SAGA faction review: Anglo-Danes

The SAGA Age of Vikings book presents 12 very different factions to players. This series will review each one in turn.

Who were they?

Initial viking raids on England were so successful that the raiders returned with their families and settled down. The area they loved in became known as the ‘Danelaw’ – an area of England where Danish law applied.


Source: Wikipedia

Eventually England became united under a Danish king, but that’s another story.


The dane axe was a feared weapon, and so it won’t surprise you to learn that both your Warlord and Heathguard may be equipped with great weapons. Levy are armed with slings or bows, while Warriors have no options.


Taking Harold Godwinsson as your general gives you a study unit of three brothers as your Warlord, while Cnut the Great allows for a Warlord on a horse.

Battle Board

The Anglo-Dane Battle Board reveals an army keen on wearing its opponent down over time. The Shieldwall ability increases a unit’s armour value by 1, while the Exhaustion ability allow you to distribute a fatigue to each of 3 different units. Determination gives you a melee bonus for each fatigue on the enemy unit, giving you more payoff for your abilities.



The Anglo-Danes are a warband for generals who like gaining incremental advantage over time. You gradually build up fatigue among the enemy ranks, before using them to your best advantage.


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