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SAGA faction review: Welsh

The SAGA Age of Vikings book presents 12 very different factions to players. This series will review each one in turn.

Who were they?

The Welsh, as they became known, were the descendants of the Britons, who were pushed westwards by the encroaching Anglo-Saxons. As the Anglo-Saxons themselves became weakened by Viking raids and settlement, the Welsh were able to cling on to their territory, but not retake what was lost centuries before.

They lost land until only the country now known as Wales remained in their hands. A Plantagenet king would finally conquer them in the 13th century, annexing the last remnants of the Britons, but that’s another story.



In SAGA, your Welsh like javelins, and they like being on horses. This is reflected in a list where every unit, from your Warlord to your levies can be armed with Javelins. All units except Levies can be mounted.

The two named characters available to the army make additional use of the existing list, but do not any new troops or weapon options.


Using these options gives you an army which can move fast and strike the enemy from range. However your light units are vulnerable to counter-attack and enemy missile fire, so you need to be careful and use the terrain to your advantage.


Battle Board

The Welsh were given a difficulty rating on 1 in the Age of Vikings book, meaning they should be one of the more straightforward forces to play.

Your Battle Board grants abilities which make the most of your list options. The Horsemen ability lets you activate all your mounted units for two SAGA dice – this could be your whole army!


Other abilities let you charge in your opponent’s turn, ignore terrain for your foot units, or fight more effectively in combat with javelins. The right ability at the right time will let you see off the better armoured troops of other factions.


The Welsh are a good option for players who prefer movement and positioning over brute strength. For starting players they offer a well-tuned list, and for experienced players they offer a break from the more usual factions of SAGA.



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