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Warhammer Quest

I started this blog in 2013 mainly to keep track of my progress painting my miniatures collection. I divided the collection into various ‘projects’ to make keeping track easier and also provide for senses of completion along the way.

Warhammer Quest was one of the opening projects, but so far I haven’t managed a single update! Since starting the blog I’ve added the new version of Quest to the project too. Some miniatures from the original game are already painted, but there are many candidates too for the neglected models category:



The image above has all the models in various stages. One still in the blister (the Lich King) others assembled but not undercoated, some undercoat, with the painted ones at the front.



I won’t make any promises about the next update – though I added the slayer from the new edition to the painting tray, so probably before the end of this year, at least!


4 comments on “Warhammer Quest

  1. Azazel
    June 10, 2018

    That’s great, Dave. I should really do something similar with Silver Tower and make a concerted effort to paint the contents up – it’d be nice to actually be able to play it!
    The link to make first picture bigger isn’t working, btw…

    • davekay
      June 10, 2018

      thanks for letting me know about the link, fixed it now. Not sure when I will get to my Silver Tower in earnest. I would want to finished everything I’ve bought this year and last year first, so probably 2019!

  2. Faust
    June 10, 2018

    It’s been so long since I had seen the original Warhammer Quest, that I forgot what the minis even looked like. Well, some of them. Some I do recognize. That Wizard is looking pretty awesome up front. Maybe if I ever get caught up on my current projects, I’ll have to add Warhammer Quest to my games pile too. I know I’ve certainly been tempted over and over.

    • davekay
      June 10, 2018

      The wizard is an old metal warhammer mage – either Grey or Amythyst, I don’t recall.

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