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X-Wing version 2 announced

Fantasy Flight games are bringing out a second version of their popular X-Wing miniatures game. The game took the crown of top selling miniatures games from Warhammer 40,000 and has held it ever since.


The second edition looks like a set of needed changes to tidy up the game and give it a more solid foundation moving forward. As with the original edition, the new edition comes with a single X-Wing and two TIE fighters.


The new edition also comes with an online squad builder, and this will be important for competitive play. The add-on cards for the ships in the game (crew members, missiles etc.) no longer have a points cost on the card. For most gamers this won’t matter, but in competitive play it allows for any needed balance changes to be deployed quickly, and in a way which is equally visible to all players. This may herald more of an organised play push, we’ll see.

The new edition also requires new cards, and new bases for existing ships, with firing arcs clearly marked. Three conversion packs, boxes with updated cards for each faction, will also be released with the new edition.

I expect this edition will not change X-Wing’s position at the top of the miniatures sales tree, but you never know.


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