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Dominaria art review

The Dominaria set heralds a return to Magic’s past. In spite of being a setting where the planeswalker protagonists can go to any plane at will, most of Magic’s early sets were based on Dominaria. It was only with the release of Mirrodin in 2003 that moving to a new plane each set became the norm.

Dominaria has a place in many older Magic player’s hearts, and so there’s a weight of expectation in any return to this setting. In terms of art, the set has met and massively exceeds expectations. The set looks amazing.

Choosing just 5 examples of the new art to showcase was difficult, but here you go:

Plains by Dimitar Marinski


Basic lands are important in terms of grounding players in a new realm. Every deck plays them and so players spend a lot of time looking at these lands. In this Plains by Dimitar Marinski (previously credited as just Dimitar) we can see the dual nature of plains in Dominaria. Below lie the fertile lands occupied by on nation or another.  Above we see the realm of the angels stretching out across the cloud tops.

Tatyova, Benthic Druid by Mathias Kollros


Dominaria is a land of legends, and so this set is jammed with legendary creatures. Tatyova is on of these and is available as a uncommon card, where legends are usually rare or mythic.

History of Benalia by Noah Bradley


Dominaria also introduces the Saga card type. These are enchantments which re-create historical events from Dominaria’s past. The cards are split vertically rather than horizontally, so the art goes down the right side of the card. The artists illustrating these cards have employed a number of different styles, including this stained glass piece by Noah Bradley.

Time of Ice by Franz Vohwinkel


Here’s a another Saga in a different style. This card recreates the story behind the Ice Age set from Magic’s early days.

Karn, Scion of Urza


Finally, Dominaria also heralds the return of one of Magic’s favourite characters, the planeswalking silver golem, Karn. The art was cropped in either side for the card, so I’m happy to show the full effect here.


These are some of my favourites, no doubt you have your own. To look at all the cards from this set, visit the Dominaria card image gallery.


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