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The Battle Royale returns

A couple of years ago now a fascinating project began in Civilization V. On a huge world map, 61 civs would battle it out for total world domination. The winner would be the first civ to control all capital cities.

The twist here was the lack of human players. In the Battle Royale, all competing civs are computer-controlled. The humans are the spectators. Thousands of people were spectating this event, and civs rose and fell one after the other.

Sadly the game became a crushing burden for the computer running it, and after a year or more of updates, the series suddenly stopped, and looked unrecoverable.


The Battle Royale has been rebooted after some tireless reconstruction work. With a regular schedule of weekly updates the Battle Royale has become a great event to follow along once again.

Now that many civs have reached the end of the tech tree, it has become more about the intelligence and timing of military moves rather than simply crushing a weaker neighbour.

Perennial leaders the Boers have recently lost large tracts of land to Brazil. The number of competing civs is slowly being reduced and we are entering the final phases of the game. Who will emerge victorious? Many eyes are on Brazil at the moment but there’s no guarantees at this stage.

Check out regular updates at the Civ Battle Royale website or follow the conversations on the subreddit

4 comments on “The Battle Royale returns

  1. David Norris
    February 10, 2018

    Poor computer. 😦 Going to have to check this out!


  2. doubledowndice
    February 10, 2018

    I remember reading about this awhile ago, didn’t realize that it never completed.Was this the very first Civ AI simulation? I didn’t recall it being 61 Civilizations either, that’s pretty insane.


    • davekay
      February 10, 2018

      It wasn’t the first but it was the most ambitious… maybe too ambitious, but it seems to be running fine now!

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