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ArtStation stop: Dima Zasimovich

Dima Zasimovich has a wide range of work viewable through ArtStation. Many of the works there are single undead figures, but other subjects and landscapes are on display too.

Here are five of my favourites:

Skeleton Assassin


With his bones sharpened like knives, this assassin is ready for work.

Lich King


A cool colour palette with fantastic contrast.

Warrior woman (commission work)


This warrior stands resolute to face her next foe.

Titan (commission work)


The space nerd in me thinks the clouds should look more orange, but I like this piece regardless.



Much brighter than the other pieces here, but still great to look at.


See more works at Dima Zasimovich’s ArtStation page.

2 comments on “ArtStation stop: Dima Zasimovich

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  2. Ann
    February 11, 2018

    Some pretty nice art. I tend to fancy he juxtaposition of the sublime with the grotesque or at least the nice with the nasty, so I particularly liked seeing the high level of skill turned to portraying some rather nasty subjects/situations.

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