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SAGA 2 release date revealed

The second edition of SAGA is available for pre-order now and will ship in the week of 12 February 2018.

For me SAGA was a game that took off initially, but then faded away. I have hopes for version 2’s staying power.

Version 2 will release as a core, stand alone ruleset. This book will have no army lists, but will provide the basis for any SAGA ‘age’ the creators introduce.


Coming with this rulebook is the more expansive ‘Age of Vikings’ the first of many planned ages to be released.


Age of Vikings will feature 12 separate army lists, and is considered a complete age. The Crusades will be another age and this is due later in 2018.

After that, who knows. There’s nothing to stop the rulebook being applied to other settings, whether historical or fantastic. I look forward to picking up both books next month and getting my Anglo-Danes back out of their box!

You can order your books now via Gripping Beast.



2 comments on “SAGA 2 release date revealed

  1. Ann
    January 24, 2018

    SAGA was pretty big, initially, where I was at and then quickly died off for some reason. I almost ended up painting up a force but didn’t and instead playing a few times using other player’s forces where they painted up two so they’d have opponents. Not sure why people lost interest; it seemed like a fun game.

    The main knock that I heard against it was some of the historical gamers didn’t like it, saying that it was more like a movie than a real combat, i.e. the same knock I hear against another game I like, Bolt Action. A lot of them don’t seem happy unless they are knee-deep in charts, tables and formulas to take everything into account like the weather, armor sloping, what the sergeant had for breakfast that day, and of course making their favorite faction into supermen.

    Oh well, hope the new release invigorates the game somewhat. Would like to see people playing it again.

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    • davekay
      January 24, 2018

      I enjoyed SAGA myself when it was first released, but similarly it didn’t last in my area. I’ve never been much of a ‘charts and tables’ gamer so I enjoyed the mechanics and battle boards a lot.

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