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GW Build & Paint review

One of my Christmas model gifts this year was a complete series 1 Build and Paint set for the Space Marines. I’ve seen these around, but I’ve seen little chatter about them.


Ultimately, I don’t think they do a good job of introducing people to the hobby. There are three Space Marines sets in series 1, as well as three Space Ork sets.

The first contains a biker and a Terminator ‘hero’. The second contains a Land Speeder and ammo dump. The third contains 5 Terminators, a Dreadnought, and another ammo dump.

Of the three, the dreadnought box contains the most ‘value’ and is easy to assemble. However the figures in it are old. While clipping off the Terminators I was getting a sense of deja vu. I saw a 1995 copyright on the side of the sprue. That’s right. These Terminator models are from the 1996 edition of Space Hulk. They will do an okay job on the battlefield, but won’t look so great next to any model from the past decade.


The bike and land speeder kits both suffer from less than impressive instructions and some fiddly assembly. The land speeder didn’t want to go together, even with the help of clothes pegs to help the plastic glue keep them together. I had to cut the one-piece rim into three to get it to stay on.

For me that’s a grumble. For a brand new gamer that’s not great.

You get additional items in your boxes, and the ammo dump pieces are fine. Not the most exciting items to be sure, but they do a job, and can be used in multiple settings as scenery, objectives, or simply something to liven up a model’s base.

The paints seem fine too, though I haven’t tried to use them yet. The paint brushes ship loose in their box and without a plastic cover for the tip. It’s the luck of the draw whether yours will emerge from the box fit for use. Two of my three were usable.

There’s another strike against these boxes, and that’s the brand new easy-to-build kits, so far available for Plague Marines and Space Marines.


These live up to their name, and contain far more detail than the Build and Paint figures. I have the Plague Marine boxes, but the Space Marine boxes look just as good I’m sure.

So my advice is to avoid those Build and Paint sets, regardless of whether you are a new or established player. Games Workshop has better options for you.

4 comments on “GW Build & Paint review

  1. Bookstooge
    December 31, 2017

    Did they have a warehouse somewhere filled with old mini’s they HAD to get rid of? I mean, that is 20 years old, is the plastic’y stuff still even good? I’d assume at some point it’ll crumble or distort…

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    • davekay
      December 31, 2017

      The plastic does have a more chalky texture than the newer plastics I’ve assembled over the same period.

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    • Azazel
      December 31, 2017

      They’re old moulds of simpler push-fit models, remastered with new shots in coloured plastic. HIPS is fine after 20 years. I’ve got plenty of older plastic models, built, painted, unbuilt, sprued, and it’s all still fine.

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  2. mikeland82
    December 31, 2017

    Great review. I have had two of these sets and 100% agree with your assessment. The speeder is okay, it is the same model as the current speeder in the GW space marine line, but in blue plastic. It is quite long in the tooth now, but okay. Mine went together did so perhaps yours was a slight more miscast. I also had the ork wheel bike which was awful, a really old kit I could only really make useful by doing some kit bashing. My other main gripe is the price. They are just not good value for kits this old.

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