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MtG artists: Lars Grant-West

Lars Grant-West’s first card illustrated for Magic was the card Toxin Sliver, all the way back in the Legions set. Since then almost 100 cards have appeared with his name in the artist credit line. His art is often dark, with subdued, muted colours, and yet he can still surprise with brighter pieces. Lars Grant-West works in traditional and digital formats, so art buyers will find opportunities to buy his original work, but not for all cards.

Here are five of my favourites:


The skies of Grixis hold many terrors, including this vampire and her flock of bats.

Viral Drake


As the plane of Mirrodin became corrupted by the Phyrexians, creatures like this drake appeared, spreading the taint even further until the whole plane was consumed and became New Phyrexia.



This card shows Mirrodin in brighter, happier times, before the arrival of Phyrexia.

Sporecap Spider


Part spider, part fungus. Definitely something you don’t want to meet on a walk in the woods!

Sylvan Caryatid


This art is from the promotional version of the card, given out at certain stores to players who bought a box of the Theros set.


See all cards illustrated by Lars Grant-West or visit the artist’s website.




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