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GWs new approach to FAQs

The ‘new Games Workshop’ still retains the capability to surprise grumpy old gamers such as myself. This time it’s with the news that they will -gasp!- establish a forward schedule of releases.

Games Workshop have even provided a handy graphic:


So, they will schedule in two major FAQ releases per year, covering everything in the game – the game in this case being Warhammer 40,000. Whenever a new Codex is released for the game, expect an errata two weeks later.

While grumpy gamers like me would prefer to think that errata can be rendered obsolete with a bit of upfront QA, it’s nice to see something like this scheduled in for when mistakes inevitably happen.

On top of this it looks as though Chapter Approved will be an annual release, and will include readjustment of points values when that is considered necessary.

Check out the Warhammer Community article for full details

I’d prefer a system of online army munching where everyone can easily build, display, and share armies, and where points adjustments and the like can simply be deployed on an as-needs basis without the need to tedious paperwork. But I’ll hold that dream close for now.

2 comments on “GWs new approach to FAQs

  1. backtothehammer
    December 24, 2017

    GW have definitely changed in the last few years. I put a lot of the new direction down to Rowntree. It’s a shame he didn’t replace Kirby sooner.

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    • davekay
      December 24, 2017

      Agreed, and I hope they keep up with the changes!

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