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Rolling hot: Diceforge review

2017 has been a good year for board games, at least from my perceptive. Diceforge is another innovative and fun game to come across my table this year, and to immediately join my collection too.


Diceforge is a game of gathering power and performing great feats. In the game this is represented by swapping out your dice faces for more powerful versions through an innovative tile system, and also by buying cards with your accumulated resources. Cards grant victory points and also special moves and bonuses.


In each round players take it in turns to roll the dice together. There is one active player; this is the only person who can buy either cards or new dice tiles. Everyone else rolls to gather resources for their next active turn. A round consists of each player being the active player once. After this a new round begins. The number of rounds in a game is variable, based on the number of players.

The luck factor in the game is high, since it’s based on rolling dice. However there is room for strategy in terms of which dice faces you choose to buy, and which of your two dice you upgrade first. Which cards to buy is another decision; you can buy cards which grant victory points and nothing more, or else buy a card which grants fewer points but comes with another ability.

Diceforge takes about an hour to play, and the box is well-designed for easy set up and pack down. The game suits 2-4 players, but plays best with the full complement of 4.


Younger gamers will enjoy the dice building part of the game, and the process of removing and replacing the plastic tiles is easy enough for anyone over 8. The oversized dice are fun to roll and there’s plenty of opportunity to roll during the game.

2 comments on “Rolling hot: Diceforge review

  1. David Norris
    December 24, 2017

    Man this game is just gorgeous to look at. I’m a bit worried it’s going to be a bit light for me though.

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    • davekay
      December 24, 2017

      If you’re more into long, strategically deep games then there’s better options out there.


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