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Warlayer 3D tabletop terrain

The 3D printer continues its quiet revolutionising of the tabletop. While you won’t see sharply detailed plastic figures emerge form those devices this decade, what we are seeing is a lot of interesting and useful terrain pieces appearing.


As with other projects of this type, with Warlayer you are not paying for the printed models; you are paying for the .stl files which will allow you to make your own with the 3D printer you own.

I’m not currently an owner of a 3D printer and it’s not something on my to-do list at present. However as projects like Warlayer show, the time is fast approaching where the best way to fill a tabletop for a game, scenario, or diorama is with a neoprene gaming mat and a 3D printer.


Check out the Warlayer project on Kickstarter. I’ll be over here, assembling and painting plastic terrain with the other dinosaurs!


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