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Early Games Workshop: a history

Over on Unbound (that’s yet another crowdfunding website to you and me) there’s a book covering Games Workshop’s early years history. This books takes the reader from the company’s 1975 founding through to 1985.


Given then short time span you can expect a fair amount of detail, and judging from the excerpt below, a certain amount of flair:

1976. Steve and Ian wake with a start. It’s the rain, drumming onto the top of their van, as if a huge Ogre right out of a D&D game was using their roof as a drum-kit (Drums of Thunder, +6). It was another day working in their Uxbridge Road office. And yes, that’s right, they lived in a van. Van Morrison, as they called it, where they’d been sleeping for a while now, alongside all the boxes of games and Dungeons and Dragons and stock they couldn’t fit into their office. 

If a 300-page history of Games Workshop’s first 10 years interests you, then check out the project on Unbound.


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