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On targets

Now I’ve achieved my vaunted 100 models painted in 2017 I’ve taken the time to think more about the wisdom of having a target along with the process of reaching that target, and what the good and bad points were.


The target gave me a reason to focus on making time in my day to paint models more often than I would have otherwise done, but in retrospect I don’t think that picking a number and trying to achieve it was the best way of doing this. After all, if I paint 85 models in a year is that a failure because I didn’t reach 100? I don’t think so.

If anything, having a number to reach made me focus towards smaller or simpler models and away from centrepiece figures or terrain. Certain models and terrain pieces were snubbed in favour of Bones rats or Perry pikemen, models where I felt I could compete a larger number in a short space of time, putting a dent in the number. Reaching 100 painted models became the goal, but the goal should have been putting the time and effort into painting my collection, not just the parts that can be done quickly.


Next year I will be looking to paint as often as possible, but not focusing on achieving a number but rather looking to sustain activity over time. I’m not looking to try and achieve any kind of ‘streak’ of activity every day. I don’t think that’s a healthy way of looking at it, and from computer games research indicates that focuses on streak achievement (i.e. logging in every day for a reward) just makes people anxious about maintaining a streak rather than gaining any sense of achievement.


So in 2018 I will be looking to paint as often as I can, probably several times a week. I won’t be worrying about getting a specific number of models painted or about painting for x days in a row.

2 comments on “On targets

  1. mikeland82
    November 25, 2017

    I hear you. I find with a number target both my painting quality and enjoyment dip. Perhaps you could try setting yourself micro targets, such as I’m going to focus on vehicle this month, or just have a scenery month or a rank and file month. I find shaking it up a bit every now and then helps me to maintain my momentum .

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    • davekay
      November 25, 2017

      At this time I’m thinking that I will do more terrain next year, and probably some of the larger models I have laying around.


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