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Never too old to be new: Titan Quest Ragnarok expansion

Titan Quest was originally released in 2006. Following in the wake of Diablo II, it took the action RPG to a new setting and drew on world mythologies for its characters and enemies. Titan Quest and its expansion quickly became my favourite in this genre.

With the studio who created the game long gone, I was surprised to see the ‘Anniversary Edition’ of the game released in 2016. I bought it more as a thank-you to the original developers than for any of the bug or game balance fixes.

2017 sees the release of something a bit different; a brand-new expansion!


Ragnarok takes the game’s action to the frozen north of Europe. The game’s existing Acts start you in Greece and you move south and east, so the location is full of new locations to explore and new enemies to defeat.

Since this new Act is set after the game’s existing Acts, you would have to fight your way through the game to access any of the new content other than the new character class. But fear not!

On creating a new character you can select ‘Accomplished Hero’ to start as a level 40 character at the beginning of the Ragnarok campaign. A nice touch and something where I have so far spent more time experimenting with 40 levels’ worth of skill points and class options than I have playing the new content!


It’s nice to see new content being added to a venerable old game.

2 comments on “Never too old to be new: Titan Quest Ragnarok expansion

  1. Azazel
    November 27, 2017

    Whoa! Nice heads-up on this one – thank you!
    Shame my group (4 of us) all lost our characters to the mists of time and PC turnover before TQ became a Steam thing, but this one might well be worth picking up. I trust you’re aware of Grim Dawn for those who like a bit of Titan Quest?

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    • davekay
      November 29, 2017

      Yes my shared stash in the game was looking sadly depleted too! I hadn’t seen grim dawn before, I will definitely give that a go too!


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