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What should Santa bring? part 2

Have a look over part 1 if you missed it. We continue now with board game first ideas for those in the 12+ age range. As before each game links to its page on Board Game Geek.

Ages 12-14

At this age players will be able to tackle most games on the market with little trouble. Games that provide a challenge and ways of interacting with other players work best for this age group. If the game can also be played inside of an hour, then even better.

Lords of Waterdeep


This agent placement game is set in the world of Dungeons & Dragons, but players are not adventurers. Many D&D adventures start with a hooded man in a tavern who gives the characters a quest. In Lords of Waterdeep you play the person who sent the man to the tavern.

As one of the city of Waterdeep’s lords you will scheme and vie with the other lords to advance your agenda at their expense. At the end of 8 turns each lord is revealed and players score bonus points based on their lord’s agenda.


Pandemic is a cooperative game where players take on a specialist role and work together to defeat the menace of global disease outbreaks. Working together is essential, otherwise the outbreaks will quickly move beyond your control. This game is useful for encouraging players to work together to achieve a common goal rather than working against one another to achieve an individual goal.


Splendor is a competitive game where up to 4 players take on the role of jewellers who vie for the attention of noble patrons. Players purchase cards which allow them to purchase more powerful cards. Patrons and powerful cards award points, and the game enters its final round when one player reaches 15 points.

Ages 14+

Yes, this is a very wide age group, and here the overall scores on Board Game Geek become far more relevant. This age group has the most games available but you need to pay attention to the game’s theme as much as its content. An adult who likes space and complex board games will go more for Terraforming Mars than for Terra Mystica, since the theme for the former will have more appeal.


In Sagrada players draft colourful dice and use them to complete a pattern representing a stained glass window. Bonus points awarded during the game keep your focused divided among multiple goals. Sagrada is a fun game for 2-4 players that changes each time, as the bonus point cards come from a deck at random in each game.

Terra Mystica

Very much a game for the board game connoisseur, Terra Mystica is a fantasy-themed game about expansion. The goal is to build cities to score points, but each round awards bonus points for other actions, and these change from game to game, meaning that no strategy can be used over and over again.

Tzolk’in the Mayan Calendartzolkin_box

Tzolk’in is another worker placement game, the difference here bring that you place your workers on rotating cogs. The longer a worker stays on a cog, the greater their reward, but each turn you must either place works or remove them, making timing of critical importance.

Terraforming Mars

This game’s title lets you know what is involved here. Players take on the role of futuristic corporations interested in advancing humanity’s presence in the solar system, principally by terraforming the planet Mars. You’ll need ever more expensive cards to help you achieve this, making resource management essential, though sometime you’ll need to take a few risks too.


Merry happy!

Whatever your reasons for giving games this year, I hope you give the right one!

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  1. Bookstooge
    November 19, 2017

    From your descriptions, it sounds like my game age is 12-14. I can totally believe that 😀

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    • davekay
      November 19, 2017

      Lords of Waterdeep and Splendor are two of my favourites.

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