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Beastmen teams in Blood Bowl

I’ve updated the team roster from earlier in the year, after looking over feedback and doing additional playtesting (and league play!)

Here’s a preview of the new team:


And here’s the full file for download:

Chaos Beastmen teams in Blood Bowl 11

Some additional notes:

The final version of the team ended up being closer to my original vision for the team (back in the 1990s I mean) than I had expected, which was a pleasant surprise. If you used the team I first posted, you’ll notice some big changes.


These are back are their diminutive Strength 2, but now with horns and access to mutations on normal rolls. Don’t underestimate these little guys, they can run fast and hit hard!


These are the beasts you know from the general chaos team, turns out they didn’t need to be changed here.


These guys go down to strength 3 but gain block. Heavily armoured but not significantly stronger or faster than a Gor, these players give you early access to some stability on the line of scrimmage.

Centigor & Minogor

Lots of feedback on the new player type, but ultimately I changed the team around the Centigor and left it as is. It performs the role of line-breaker well, but will need support to make anything of this. The Minogor is the same Minotaur from other chaos teams with its name changed to reflect beastmen terminology.


Have fun on the pitch!


2 comments on “Beastmen teams in Blood Bowl

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  2. GreenGrot
    November 26, 2017

    I have been discussing the previous version of the roster with people online and testing it on Fumbbl.

    The Ungors were useful to mark ball carriers due to diving tackle and could be fairly hardy due to their blodge access, but were mostly a cheap thing to foul with / to fill out the starting roster due to the high player costs. The new Ungor here is really weak. 2ST 7AV and no dodge to protect them, I can’t see anyone taking one other than a few spares to fowl with, they are just too fragile and don’t do anything special. Even worse they lost their A access which takes away a rare agile Chaos player outside of Gutter Runners and the Dark Elf on the Chaos Renegades team (and the underworld Goblins, kinda).

    Gors are back to the Chaos standard of weak starting but turn into Gods at higher levels due to GSM.

    Bestigors, I don’t know if they are really organized enough for block, but lacking their 4ST they do need it to be useful, maybe something like juggernaut and frenzy? At 80,000 they cost the same as the ‘experimental’ team Pestilent Vermin’s Cardinal which has the same skills and 1 less AV.

    Centigors are still the best players on the team, strong, agile ball carrier / blitzer with decent pitch coverage.

    Bullgor, If the rest of the team (minus the already mutated Centigors, which would make them far to powerful) got mutation access on regular rolls, shouldn’t the Bullgor as well?

    The previous version of this team I saw as a better starting yet ending worse Chaos team with a more general roster, a focus on blitzing and a great ball carrier.

    This version is a blitzing Chaos team, but with better starting players in terms of skills and even with the strength reduction may still end better due to the same great skill access and a fantastic ball carrier.

    Unrelated to the other comments but maybe allow two Bullgors as the Beastmen teams would have better access to Bullgors and maybe no loner due to them being Beastmen on the Beastmen team? Not for anything to do with balance but more thematic because when all is said and done, Blood Bowl is theme first and balance second.

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