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Space Hulk update 6

The final group of genestealers is now complete, and I’m heading into the final stages of the project. This group features models crawling around or bursting from industrial/space ship terrain pieces:


This group also all have their tongues out. I have the Genestealer Patriarch, the Librarian, and a couple of minor pieces left for this project.


In related news, finishing these 8 models brings me up to and past my goal of completing 100 miniatures in 2017. I’ll put up a separate article about that milestone, and my thoughts about having the target.


2 comments on “Space Hulk update 6

  1. Ann
    November 14, 2017

    Pretty! That gives me an idea: my friend’s six year old daughter loves Purple so when I eventually try to turn her to the Dark Side of painting miniatures (she likes arts and crafts stuff) I think purple gene stealers might be the way to go.


    • davekay
      November 14, 2017

      Yes, I used a standard flesh tone then gave it a heavy purple wash with the same tone I used for the carapace.

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