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MtG artists: Johann Bodin

Johann Bodin’s art first appeared back in the original Zendikar block, with a single card in the Worldwake set. Since then, Johann has illustrated dozens of cards across many different sets. I had a look through and found some of my favourites to share here. Click of any of the images below to view a larger version.

Oakheart Dryads


The Theros block saw a great number of enchanted creatures enter the game, such as the dryads above. All the enchanted creatures had a ‘starfield’ effect on them somewhere, as seen on the dryad’s left side and arm.

Jeskai Windscout


This is a card I played with a lot during Khans of Tarkir draft. If anything, the striking art made me overdraft this card, but fortunately it was quite playable.

Blessed Alliance


Desperate times in the Eldritch Moon set saw Eldrazi span attacking the world of Innistrad. Here we see a Cathar and his ghostly companion defending a sacred space.

Collective Brutality


This card is also from the Eldritch Moon set, and until I put the images next to each other I had not noticed the similarity in art. Rather than a Cathar and spirit, the same space is now being defended by a vampire and a zombie construct.

Sky Terror


This art from the Ixalan set shows a flying dinosaur looking down on a tropical mountain range.


See all Magic: the Gathering cards illustrated by Johann Bodin, or visit the artist’s website.


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