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Magic creator’s Kickstarter carnival

Magic creator Richard Garfield has a new game on Kickstarter. Carnival of Monsters is a card game for 2 or more players, which promises to be illustrated by well-known artists including Larry Elmore, John Avon, and Mark Tedin.


The game looks fair enough to me, but there are a number of things I found strange about this project:

Garfield created the much-loved game Magic: the Gathering, yet the project is priced in Euros, rather than the US dollars that would be more familiar to the audience who would recognise his name

The amount required to launch the game is high for this kind of game, presumably related to the art costs

There’s no shipping thoughts for Australia or the Asia Pacific region in general. The game would cost me 45 Euros with another 70 Euros to be added for shipping


I’ll be passing on this one, but you may wish to take a closer look at Carnival of Monsters.


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