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The week in inspiration #2

Another week, another set in inspiring pages, posts, and more from around the web:


The insane geniuses at Iron Sleet have announced a general participation call for their 2018 Thorn Moons campaign. The entry requirements are simple enough:

Build and paint five human sized models that beautifully and fittingly describe the humble human in the galactic war and show of your original ideas and understanding of the Warhammer 40000 universe.

Story is king.



If you’re up for the challenge, head on over to Iron Sleet now!

Painting & Modelling

A great new Typhus conversion was sighted recently on the Reddit Warhammer 40k forum. User MrCragum swapped the pose and added an unfortunate guardsman:


The new version of Typhus has divided opinion. Here is the original pose, for comparison:


Sometimes if you don’t like the look of a model, you can buy an equivalent from somewhere else. Other times, you can change it yourself with a sharp knife, a steady hand,and some green stuff! Cragum’s instagram page has more images of his work.



The Joan of Arc game from Mythos Games mixes history and fantasy into an intriguing board game with a grand scale of and nice-looking models. The miniatures are 15mm scale a normally-derided format, which may be why they decided to call it legendary scale.

Me, I like the models, but you can see them for yourself:


As these are smaller scale, the game comes with over 200 miniatures, with future stretch goals possibly adding more. There’s also a dragon you can pledge for in addition to the game, or as a separate purchase. The game is slated for delivery in December 2018, so it may well be early 2019 before you have anything in front of you to paint.



If Iron Sleet projects and Typhus conversions don’t inspire you for Warhammer 40,000 then try this piece of art featuring the Charcharodons chapter entering the fray during the Badab War:


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