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The light stuff: a review of Sagrada

Sagrada is a fun game of dice drafting and pattern matching, based on the concept of building a stained glass window.

The game comes with a number of patterns for players to complete, of varying complexity. The complexity variance is useful for bringing younger players into the game without overwhelming them with problem-solving barriers.


Once you have decided on a pattern, a few other cards come into play. Each player received a secret bonus card; at the end of the game, they will score bonus points based on the cumulative score of dice of a particular colour. There are also public bonus cards where any player can attempt to go over and above the restrictions of their pattern to score even more bonus points.

The game is played by rolling a number of dice equal to double the number of players plus 1. So with three players you would roll 7 dice. Starting with the player who rolled, you draft the dice until only 1 remains, that unwanted dice is placed on the turn tracker to show a turn is complete and then the next player rolls.


Dice placement is where players get themselves into trouble. Two dice of the same colour cannot be placed next to each other, neither can two dice showing the same number. Patterns then have squares with dice that must be of a certain colour, or of any colour but a certain number. Careless placement in early turns will cause pain later in the game!

The highest scoring player at the end is the winner. Sagrada is a fun game that provides as much challenge as you want it to, through the use of more complex patterns. I have found this game appeals to both seasoned and new board game players, making for a game which always has willing participants.

Incidentally the game is named for the Sagrada Familia church, which on the outside looks like this:


and on the inside like this:


I assume the designers were inspired by a visit to this church, as the design is based around concepts of light and colour.

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  1. Bookstooge
    October 14, 2017

    Wow, wouldn’t want to be inside that church when an earthquake hits!

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