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Dystopian comes to Warcradle Games

Via meeples & miniatures comes the news that Warcradle Games has bought the intellectual property relating to Dystopian Wars, Firestorm Armada, and Uncharted Seas.

The parent company behind these games recently went into administration, leaving gamers and Kickstarter backers alike stranded. With this news, we can be more confident that these games will continue in some form.

Warcradle put up a video explaining what is and isn’t happening:


What is important to note is that the company behind the games has not been purchased, meaning any liabilities relating to the doomed Kickstarter are not being picked up. This should not surprise anyone, but it’s worth saying regardless.

Dystopian Wars is a solid game, but Warcradle will have a task ahead of them to get it up and running once more. Their most loyal players have just been burned badly. It’s not Warcradle’s fault or responsibility, but it will make their task harder than it needs to be. I wish them luck, and look forward to seeing what they come out with.

2 comments on “Dystopian comes to Warcradle Games

  1. Bookstooge
    October 2, 2017

    This is why I advocate for gangs of gamers roaming the landscape with shotguns. Help “discourage” such bad behavior by those corporate types…

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    • Azazel
      October 2, 2017

      Is that The Walking Dead or Necromunda? 😉

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