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Broolean Beast Guard unleashed

I’m old enough to remember when you would take units of beastmen in the Imperial Guard, but I’m too older to remember what version of 40k that was legal in – or was it Rogue Trader? I forget.

However this release from Victoria Miniatures is bound to be memorable:


The squad are resin multi-part models and as such offer even more opportunities for customisation, as you’ll be able to swap our torsos, arms, weapons, heads etc. to make this squad truly your own.

Now that you’re all excited here’s the bad news: they’re gone. Yes, within 24 hours of being listed on the Victoria Miniatures website, the Broolian Guard are sold out!

No doubt they will be back in stock soon, meanwhile you can drool over the images at the Victoria Miniatures website. They even have an email reminder for when the models come back in stock just in case you forget!


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  1. imperialrebelork
    October 1, 2017



    • davekay
      October 1, 2017

      Yes, so many conversion opportunities for warbands!

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