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Ixalan art review


The world

Ixalan is a world of dinosaurs and pirates. I know you’re sold already, but Ixalan is also a world of lost lands, hidden cities, and vampiric conquistadors.



Everyone on Ixalan is searching for something; the natives are looking for lost cities, as are the vampires. The merfolk want to block anyone from discovering the secret ways of Ixalan, while the pirates just want booty.



Planeswalkers can come to Ixalan, but they cannot leave. Some kind of force, called the Binding, keeps them on the plane. Even so we have met four planeswalkers on this world, one of them native. It seems Ixalan receives few visitors.


The story

Following his defeat by Nicol Bolas, Jace Beleren wakes on a strange beach with no memory of himself. He spends the next few months wandering the land to try and regain his sense of self and work out who he is.


He meets the pirate captain Vraska, herself a planeswalker from Ravnica. In the past she and Jace were enemies, but on Ixalan they join forces. Vrasksa does not share Jace’s memory problems, but is still wary of what he might do.

Vraska is on a mission from Nicol Bolas to retrieve something from one of Ixalan’s lost cities. Only then will  the dragon show her how to leave. How this plays out will be revealed over the next few months as Ixalan and its sequel set, Rivals of Ixalan, are released.




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