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Your new chase cards for Magic: the Gathering

Back in 2004, the Unhinged set was released for Magic: the Gathering. Most of the cards in this set were silver-bordered, meaning not legal for tournament play.  These cards were meant to be humourous, and the set as a whole was… not popular. Packs were available for a fraction of the normal price as stores struggled to convince players to buy cards they would never use.

The one part of the set players liked were the five basic lands. These came in a full frame art treatment by popular artist John Avon. In the years since the set’s release these basic land cards have become more valuable than the booster packs they originally came in. The rest of the Unhinged cards are worthless.

There is a new Un-set coming in November 2017, called unstable. Only a few cards have been previewed so far, but the lands appeared recently, and John Avon has delivered a stunning series once again.


It might seem odd to buy a pack of cards just for the lands, but people who did that in 2004 were not being foolish. These even come with a foil holostamp to indicate their authenticity.


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