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The Target: update 75

To stay on track for this year’s target of 100 models painted, I needed to have 75 models painted by the end of September. Thanks to those Perry pikemen I have achieved this with a couple of weeks to spare!

I am now at 81 models painted for the year. The models are all on display on a shelf in my room, with unpainted ones tastefully tucked away out of sight. They are spread out so much one photo wouldn’t capture them all:


This one is models that formed my first 50. Archers for SAGA, Space Marines from Space Hulk, and a few Bones models and other randoms, like that very old White Dwarf model at the back.


I’ve extended the scenery beyond the old ruined tower to keep the stage set for more models. The pikemen and handgunners take up post in in a Bones terrain piece.  A couple of classic Necromunda bulkheads provide space for the next 19 models to deploy.

Target acquired

The target has been a useful mental note to keep me painting, and also keep me looking for new models to paint. I had just the Space Hulk board game contents in mind to paint this year, and always figured it would take me the whole year to get them done. Having a greater target than that has meant I’ve painted models that might otherwise have waited years for their turn.

Also keeping the models I’ve painted in plain sight has made me want to add to them, providing another encouragement to get painting.


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