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Rising Tide: a new kind of Pandemic

Via TabletopGamingNews

Pandemic: Rising Tide is the next game in the series coming out from Z-Man games. The original Pandemic had players working together to save the world from a deadly virus outbreak – or die trying.

A Cthulu version saw players going mad trying to save the world from eldritch horrors. Rising Tide is the new edition where the enemy is the relentless sea.


Set in the Netherlands, this game sees players working together to keep the network of dykes functioning as the tides rise ever higher.

This variant is interest as it shrinks the global scale of previous games down to just one country. It also replaces the original virus with the sea.


Rather than feats of medicine, it is feats of engineering that will save the day here.

I find this twist on the original concept to be very interesting, and no doubt this variant will hit the gaming tables soon.

3 comments on “Rising Tide: a new kind of Pandemic

  1. Particlebit
    September 9, 2017

    As a fan of the original Pandemic I didn’t know about these variants! Seems quite interesting. So the goal here is to stem the rising tide to protect dry land? Does it use the same mechanics as the original, just swapping disease for aquatic themes?


    • davekay
      September 10, 2017

      I think it is fairly close to the original, with ‘operate pumps’ replacing ‘cure disease’ on the turn phase list, but also I think there are some key differences that will make the game appealing to existing players, rather than being a re-skin.

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      • Particlebit
        September 12, 2017

        Nice, that’s what I was interested in most, whether it was closer to a reskin vs some new ideas. Gonna have to check it iut

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