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Battle for Angelus Prime at Warhammer World

The Battle for Angelus Prime is by far the largest display at Warhammer World. It occupies and entire room. As you move through the exhibition area, the door takes you to a landing overlooking the display, and the stairs then take you down and around this massive battlefield.


The diorama depicts the forces of Khorne attacking a stronghold of the Ultramarines, with the intent to killing Marneus Calgar. With a room to itself the lighting and sound effects add to the epic mood of this display.


The model makes used a combination of Forgeworld and general release models to create an army of daemonic, marines, titans and more.

I mentioned the lighting and you can see from the images above how things change as the lights take you from red to blue and back again. I took a series of images of the same skirmish scene to show how the changes affect the details you can see.

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With the lights at full red, the forces of Khorne look like a tide of blood washing against the fortress.


Here they are in more normal light


How many models did you spot in the first image?

Even in a display of this size the titans stand out as impressive models.


Above some Ultramarine reinforcement move in to close a breach. They shall not pass!


Outside the walls Chaos Titans lend their own power to the assault.


Drop pods and flyers attack deep within the fortress, distracting the defenders and pulling them away from the main wall. Elsewhere in the display you’ll see assault marines with jump packs, as well as flyers set up in dynamic mid-air poses.


Daemons feature heavily in this army, here a troop of daemons within the fortress try to break out of a kill box.


Plenty more where they came from though! Here bloodletters wash over the walls in a howling tide of red.


Jump pack marines fight each other here, although the chaos ones are almost invisible in this red light. The flyer’s flame breath lights up pleasingly.


As you walk around the display you come close enough to touch the models (but please don’t!). This image is taken looking down from the tallest towers.


At the shattered summit we see the greater daemon leading this horde intent on his mission to kill the Ultramarines’ leader. Let’s hope Marenus had his three Shredded Wheat this morning.

This wraps up my series of Warhammer World photos, at least for now. As I have said before, if you have the chance to visit, take it. The displays change often, and whatever is there you won’t regret the visit.


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