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Necromunda contents revealed

The Warhammer-Community website has a post up showing the box contents of the forthcoming Necromunda game, and here they are:


So my first thoughts are that I’ve saved myself the cost of a game. This may be a boxed game called Necromunda, but it is not the Necromunda we knew.


Necromunda of the 1990s was a game of underhive conflict. Gangers would run up ladders, fall off towers, hide in wrecked buildings, and so on. This looks more like Space Hulk: leather edition. I’m not really in the market for that.

The terrain back then was a mix of plastic can card, and while the small doorways in the new version look plastic, they seem more akin to the doorways of Space Hulk; not what you would call terrain.

I can’t find anything bad to say about the models, and if they update the Van Saar gang I’m sure I’ll pick up a box. However this game will be a pass from me.

4 comments on “Necromunda contents revealed

  1. Azazel
    September 3, 2017

    The lack of terrain is disappointing as hell. I was hoping for the SW:A buildings repacked. Having said that, if I can get the set for a good price, I’ll probably pick up a pair of them for the models and rules. I’ve still got my old-school Necro-buildings, after all…

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    • davekay
      September 3, 2017

      From the contents I am assuming this will be the same price as Blood Bowl was last year.


      • Azazel
        September 3, 2017

        Good point. Not too bad (from an importer), then.

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  2. heretic30k
    September 3, 2017

    I expect there will be additional bundles with the SWA terrain. If not then I still have the terrain from that game to build and paint plus a few battlezones of mantic terrain to mix in. All in all, I loved the old Necromunda, but the 3d element of the old terrain has been superseded by much better GW and third party options so I’m not sure the negative response by so many people is justified. The simple card boards in the basic game look great for quick play and still have use for playing say poor man’s Zone Mortalis in 40k. The new plastic sculpts look simply amazing too – very interested to see how quickly new factions get released. I was a big fan of the Van Saar.


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