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Following instructions for shiny results

Among the many things I have never done as a miniatures painted is the ‘shiny’ coloured power armour I see sometimes on Space Marines and the like. That all changed a short while ago when I cam across a short and very good tutorial, using the Alpha Legion as an example. The tutorial was simply this:

alpha legion paint guide

You can find the original at this Reddit thread.

The more I looked at the image above, the more sense it made. So I grabbed a black-undercoated space marine I’ve had for a couple of months (freebie from a Games Workshop store after I went wild on the ordering), picked up the two glazes, and had a go.

Here are my results:


It lacks the finer detail of the original example, but the armour effect is one I’m very happy with. As you can see from the lighting, it still looks shiny. Trigger warning for mold lines though!

I’m not about to break out into painting squads of Alpha Legion marines, but this armour technique is one I will be trying again soon.

So thanks to Reddit user BenV94 for adding something new to my hobby!

One comment on “Following instructions for shiny results

  1. Thomas
    August 27, 2017

    Very effective way to get that shiny metallics. I need to try this out.

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