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Spartan Games ceases trading

A post went up on the Spartan Games site earlier today indicating that the company will no longer be trading.

Spartan Games are responsible for titles including Dystopian Wars, Uncharted Seas, Firestorm Armada, and the Halo licenced games.


The date on the image above tells the story of my involvement with the company. This is what I had painted in 2011; it is still the sum total of my painted models from Spartan Games.

As the company ceases trading, the notice includes that they are listening to offers for all their assets, both physical and intellectual, as well as remaining stock at hand. If you are in the UK and have considered miniatures production, you may be able to get your hands on some equipment at clearance rates. Certainly there was nothing wrong with the quality of Spartan Games’ models.

Likewise any display tables, artwork, and the like would be available.

If you were part of the recent Dystopian World Kickstarter which has not delivered on time, then your best bet to recover anything would be to buy the stock from Spartan or an administrator/liquidator.  Regardless of what else happens, this project will never deliver, unless someone agrees to buy the business including all liabilities. From a business perspective their promise to deliver to backers is a liability.

Lastly, if you ever looked at one of Spartan Games’ non-licensed properties and thought you could do better, the rules, game world,model designs and more would be available.



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