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Warhammer 2 TotalWar campaign map revealed

I’ve been a bit quiet myself talking about this game recently. Long story short, the game is still awesome, but sadly too awesome for the computers I currently own! When the upgrade cycle swings around I will get back into these but for now I can only look on from afar.

The latest thing to see is the campaign map for the second game. Here it is below, click to embiggen.


This tells us a few things about the game we didn’t know, confirms some things we did know, and also reveals the amount of detail and love (it can only be love) that Creative Assembly have put into this game.

For detail look no further than the minor factions. Three examples that caught my eye were

  1. beastmen tribes in western Naggaroth
  2. Norse in Lustria
  3. The Imperial colony of Sudenberg

As you explore the map you are sure to find many more. I love this level of attention to detail it shows a love of the lore, not simply a study of it.

For the major factions, the Skaven make their long-anticipated appearance while this map confirms that Nagarythe will start the game in Dark Elf hands.

Looks like there will be plenty to enjoy in this game!




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