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The Magic Bracket

A little over a year ago, some clever person notice that the number of unique Magic: the Gathering cards meant there was an almost perfect amount for a bracket competition.

Therefore he started a single-elimination contents, known as The Magic Bracket which will continue until there is only one winner. As this is single elimination, each bracket will contain exactly half the cards of the previous one. It took almost a year to get through bracket 1, and bracket 2 is now underway as I write this.

Voting is simply and done through SurveyMonkey in batches of 64 cards at a time. Each choice looks like this:


You simply choose whichever card you prefer, on whichever criteria make the most sense to you. I think most people vote for the more powerful card. Me, I vote for whichever art I prefer. There’s no wrong way to vote, the criteria are yours to pick.

You may like to head over to The Magic Bracket. At the current rate the contest will end around August 2018.

One comment on “The Magic Bracket

  1. Bookstooge
    August 12, 2017

    New Commander decks coming out at the end of August, whoo!!


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