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On stranger shores: Warhammer 40,000 dioramas

The series of photos from Warhammer World continues with a look at two separate dioramas for Warhammer 40,000.

The refinery


The first is this impressive refinery price, which was featured in White Dwarf with the release of Shadowwar Armageddon. Here we can see a few scattered genestealer cult members patrolling a mostly deserted structure.


Water crashes against the supports, suggesting an offshore location, wherever this is.


The figures you see are lone guards on patrol. Clearly no one is expecting trouble, but it never hurts to keep a lookout.


Waste materials pours into the water indicating less than exemplary environmental practises.


But what is this? Some sort of Imperial craft has landed on one of the pads.


The magos steps forward, with light protection. Who is he meeting?


An Inquisitor and retinue!


What I like most about this diorama is the sense it gives of a story beginning. What has prompted this meeting we do not know. What happens next is up to us…

Space Wolf defence

Another world, another story. Here a fortress of Space Wolves finds themselves under sudden and vicious assault from the Tyranids.


The Tyranids speed across the snow to get at their targets.


Fortress walls offer good protection, but the Space Wolves were never good at hiding behind walls, and have moved out to repulse the foe.


Being airborne is no defence as the brood swarm leaps to attack flying support. Guess they aren’t playing 8th edition.


On the other flank, genestealers scuttle up a cliff only to find Space Wolves in Terminator armour waiting for them. I love how the genestealers are still emerging from the water at the base of the cliff


Two dioramas, both tenuously linked by the shoreline theme (I had to think of something!). Many other Warhammer dioramas caught my camera that day, so more articles will appear after this one.

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  1. imperialrebelork
    August 6, 2017

    Sooooooo cool. That refinery is terrific


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