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Bones 4 Kickstarter launches

Check out the project page if you haven’t already. This Kickstarter will run in a similar way to the others. If you haven’t backed before, the project is based around a ‘core set’ priced at $100.

As the total value of all pledges increases more models will be added to the core set. The more people who pledges, the more models everyone receives for the same price.

Other models will be present too as optional add-ons. These will cost the same regardless of how many people pledge.

The core set currently looks like this:


As the project continues more models will be added. Back in the first Bones Kickstarter I ended up with over 200 models, almost half of which are now painted.

For Australian and New Zealand backers there will be a local fulfilment centre which will reduce postage costs compared with previous campaigns.



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