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Classic dioramas at Warhammer World

There are thousands of miniatures on display in the Warhammer World exhibitions. From painted examples of everything in the current range, to huge dioramas showcasing epic battles in Games Workshops two main game systems.

What caught my eye on my recent visit to Warhammer World were the classic dioramas. From the late 80s to the mid 90s, Mike McVey brought the Warhammer worlds to life with his vivid dioramas. These were featured in past issues of White Dwarf and it was great to see them in the flesh.

Warhammer Quest

This tiered diorama shows action over multiple levels of dungeon. Sadly my shots of the final level did not come out.

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ warhammerquest02warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ warhammerquest03

The Emperor versus Horus

A Games Workshop classic, showing a pivotal background moment. This predates the Forgeworld range by many years.

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ horusvsemperor3warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ horusvsemperor2warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ horusvsemperor1warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ horusvsemperor4

Dark Angel sanctum


A more contained diorama showing a warrior readying himself for battle.

Lizardmen versus ‘adventurers’

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ lizardmenwarhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ lizardmen02

Another diorama where I am still holding on to the original White Dwarf. Face to face, the colours are still vivid after all these years.

Space Hulk

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ spacehulk9401warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ spacehulk9402

Another diorama which has stood the test of time. The miniatures look so crisp!

Wood Elves versus undead

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ undeadvswoodelves01

Wood Elves burst from the trees to ambush invading undead forces in another great diorama. This one emphasises action with the models clearly interacting, from the skeleton being lanced, to the other being crushed by Durthu (yes, that s Durthu!) to the arrows striking the skeletons behind. This helps convey the feeling of an ambush unfolding.


I hope you enjoyed these photos, and if you get the chance to see them in person, I recommend it!


6 comments on “Classic dioramas at Warhammer World

  1. Siph
    July 2, 2017

    Lovely, thanks for posting, my favourite piece of artwork of all time is the Bill King Emperor vs Horus black and white diorama. That single picture had me hooked!

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  2. Somet
    July 4, 2017

    These were Scratch Built Dioramas in the early 90s and were amazing at the time however I personally think they look a bit dated with the standard of some professional painters now.

    That said the REAL magic of these was that they formed the idea all this was possible as a home tabletop game and no one had to settle with “squint a bit when you look and just pretend those polystyrene tile hills/cardboard buildings were okay” unless they wanted to.

    These works were precursors to the scenery items and battlefields you see as standard today – without them with wouldn’t have the detailed scenery kits or even a widely divulged scratch building knowledge

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  3. Somet
    July 4, 2017

    Without them we*


  4. daggerandbrush
    August 26, 2017

    They may look a bit old school, but I think they still hold up well and emanate atmosphere. Thank you for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

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