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I went to Warhammer World (and so should you!)

Warhammer World was one of the stops on my recent holiday, and one I was glad to have made. Having seen the inside I think Warhammer World is a worthwhile visit for any fan of miniatures gaming, regardless of whether or not GW is your main interest.

Here’s a rare pic of yours truly standing outside the entry. The people in the background are enjoying a relaxing drink on the deck of Bugman’s Bar.


Inside the focus is on showing you miniatures you can buy, along with some truly fantastic dioramas.


You can buy certain models only by turning up to the venue, though I passed on this, they are a cool bunch


The dioramas, hosted in the exhbition area are the main reason to visit. If you were wondering if it’s worth the price of entry, I would say yes without hesitation.


The dioramas provide a good opportunity to see the current range ‘in action’. The one above greets you as you enter the first of four rooms holding a host of models. Age of Sigmar is not my thing, but I took my time looking around this display.

Once you do that, your mind start turning over with other possibilities.


Above is the Tau Manta second only to the Warlord Titan in terms of cost. This is part of a diorama showing the Tau defending themselves against an assault by the Adeptus Mechanicus.

warhammerworld_dioramas_classic_ lizardmen02

It’s not all about what you can buy today. None of the models in this classic Mike McVey diorama are for sale. It’s 20 years old now and still looks stunning. It was at this point I started to wonder what it would take to start a museum of painted miniatures.


I took around 400 photos, and these will go up on the blog once I have finished organising them.

Once you’re done with the exhibitons, there’s shopping or relaxing to do. I opted for the latter and had a tasty lunch at Bugman’s Bar. I can’t report on the beers on offer but the other patrons seemed very happy with them. The bar doubles as a canteen for the staff so there may be some familiar faces while you sit there!

The Black Library and Forgeworld stores are great for fans of their works. The Forgeworld store contains cabinets showing every miniatures assembled and unpainted, which gives you a good idea of what you are buying.

However even if you buy nothing other than a ticket to the exhibitions, the visit will have been worthwhile. Any collector, painter or gamer cannot help but be impressed by the displays there.





3 comments on “I went to Warhammer World (and so should you!)

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  2. Jake
    June 18, 2018

    I went last week and I thoroughly agree – definitely worthwhile visiting for the exhibition area dioramas. Though I didn’t take as many or as good photos as you did!

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    • davekay
      June 18, 2018

      I was expecting to like the exhibitions, but it surpassed all my expectations, and I’d recommend it to any hobbyist


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