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The holiday haul

This was the biggest holiday I’ve taken (five week in Britain and France) so it makes sense that this holiday haul of gaming items would also be the biggest ever… right? That is my reasoning anyway.


Games Workshop items make up the bulk of items bought. Most of these were delivered while I was away. Note to any Australians visiting the UK: make the time to go along to the Tottenham Court Road store. They will let you order anything from the GW website that is available for store delivery, except they will take your home address and send it there instead. A good deal, given the price differential between the two countries, and one I found impossible to ignore.

As well as the game items I picked up some Black Library paperbacks and some board games too. I saw the Plague Marines assembled in the game store in France decided a cheap edition of 40k would be worth it.

The board games were an opportunistic buy. Celestia is a game I played at PAX AUS in 2015 and have never seen in the shops since. The other two just looked interesting so I figured why not.

I have now acquired more miniatures than I have so far painted this year, so I have a lot to be cracking on with! The terrain was my first priority though, and my remaining tablescapes will be painted in an ash wastes style to give them somewhere to stand.


Ignore the tower in the above picture and imagine rusting industrial terrain instead.

2 comments on “The holiday haul

  1. imperialrebelork
    June 24, 2017

    Lucky boy! Nice to know you’re from Aus man. Me too. I’m hoping to go the UK this year so I will definitely buy some GW there and get it sent.

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    • davekay
      June 24, 2017

      Definitely, they were super helpful in the store, as I did not know about this deal, so they brought it up while we were talking. I said I’d be back the next day and exchanged a few quick Facebook messages with a friend and had ~350 pounds worth sent to his place! We met today so he could fix me up and realised he would have saved money even if we’d added 1/10th of my air fare on top! And he bought less than I did, so plan the purchases before you do is my advice, so you don’t go too wild with the discount!

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