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Renedra’s castle

Large scenery for fantasy or historical wargames can take many forms. Branded or scratch-built, and with a variety of materials available. I’ve always been a fan of hard plastic, and this is my first choice for miniatures and for scenery. I won’t pretend it’s cheap though, especially once we look at some of the larger terrain pieces out there.


Enter this castle from UK manufacturer Renedra. It guaranteed to dominate the table and provide a constant companion for games and with great narrative possibilities. Those are 28mm scale models in front of the castle, in case you were wondering.

The individuals towers and wall sections are available separately, or as a small or medium castle set. Pictured above is the large castle, with a gate tower, seven other towers, and eight wall section. I said it would dominate the table!

Castles aren’t just pristine items desinged to make the table look good. They are major objective to be fought over. Luckily renedra also make a breaches wall section:


If you think you may be using the castle in a siege game, a breached wall section can be used to replace a wall once it has suffered a set amount of damage.

The castle is made from sturdy hard plastic and comes with a pleasing amount of detail. If you like you can add touches to make the castle more fantasy like, or else add the right banners to make this a holding of your favourite house in Game of Thrones.

Renedra also make pre-printed plastic bases with a stone pattern on that fits right in with the castle walls, so you can plan ahead for a seamless basing experience.

Check out this castle at the Renedra website.


3 comments on “Renedra’s castle

  1. imperialrebelork
    June 18, 2017

    Just brilliant! I’d love a castle one day but I need to build the man cave first. Soooo cool.


  2. mikeland82
    June 18, 2017

    Great write up. Have been buying myself a Renedra castle slowly, a part at a time over the last year. I have two towers and 4 wall sections so far. Next up a breached wall.


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