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MtG artists: Mathias Kollros

Mathias Kollros has been contributing his bright art of Magic for some years now. Regardless of the subject, brightness is a consistent feature of his art. With over 60 illustrations to choose from, here are five of my favourites.

From Beyond


The Battle for Zendikar set showed the Eldrazi attacking the world in an unstoppable tide. From Beyond represents that, putting a new Eldrazi creature into play each turn. Soon they build up into an overwhelming advantage.



This basic artifact has been printed many times over the years. This piece with a child enjoying the artifact in flight, is a good one.

Snake of the Golden Grove


This card shows that even with a dark subject Kollros gives us a bright piece. The spot the deer stands in is brightly lit, and as the snake moves into the light its iridescent scales glitter.

Stoke the Flames


The promotional version of this card imagine the magical flames as having the shape of a dragon.

Sultai Emissary


The Sultai clan of Tarkir makes frequent use of zombies. Should they desire to send you a message, it will be an emissary such as this one will that arrives.


See these images and more at Mathias Kollros’s deviantart page, or see all cards illustrated by Mathias Kollros.


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