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ArtStation stop: Stefan Kopinski

Stefan Kopinski’s art has appeared on book covers, board game boxes, and elsewhere. Whether in dark or light hues it tends to feature one or two strong characters, even where there is more action elsewhere in the piece. Here are some of my favourites.


Darklands (cover art)


Fantasy warriors fight in the blood soaked waters around a viking vessel.

Iron Warriors (book cover)


The Iron Warriors are a chapter of once-loyal space marines turned traitor in ages past. This cover art was used for an omnibus Black Library book containing several Iron Warriors novels.

Blood Bowl


This art was created for the release of the Blood Bowl computer game, since updated to a version 2.

Mythic Battles: Pantheon


This art was used in a successful Kickstarter.

Steampunk Minotaur


This character is markedly different from usual portrayals of minotaur. This one looks almost professorial.


You can see these arts and more at Stefan Kopinski’s ArtStation page.



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