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I hope you like green: a traveller’s guide to Lustria

Hail there, brave treasure-seeker! Are you bored with the Old World? Sick of trudging through damp fields to find old barrow-mounds? Have you ever wished to seek treasure in warmer lands?

Why not try an expedition to Lustria this year?

The vast continent of Lustria sits far from the Old World, surrounded by treacherous seas. Still many adventurers have crossed the seas in search of treasures of a mundane or magical nature. A very lucky few have returned  – will you be next?

Treacherous Passage

We’ll skip the journey and assume you have avoided Dark Elf slavers, High Elf patrols, storms and sea monsters. Once you wash up on the shores of Lustria, what can you expect to find?

Jungles dominate Lustria, with four fifths of the continent home to a dense green canopy. You should come to appreciate the jungles though, as the other fifth consists of jagged mountains, vast swamps, or arid desert. Comparatively speaking, the jungles are Lustria’s paradise.

Looking for treasure?

As you move through the jungle, be aware that something is stalking you; something always is. From stinging insects and venomous snakes, to gigantic lizard beasts, many dangers lurk just a few metres away but out of sight.

Should you survive these dangers and progress through the endless green, the jungle will part, revealing vast and ancient ruins.


This is why you have come. Who knows what great golden treasures or magical artifacts might lie within? Immense stone temples, crumbled and overgrown, can hold many treasures.

You aren’t safe yet. These ancient ruins have their defenders. If wilder tales are to be believed, a race of intelligent lizards keeps watch over these ruins. The ruins may seem deserted, but rest assured, if you are there, they know.


You don’t have long to grab what you want and run back through the jungles to your waiting ship.

Some legends say these lizards still hold a few cities within the jungles, as thriving as any metropolis in the Empire or Tilea. If you should stumble across one of these, please get in touch with us. We’ve never yet heard from someone who has been to one.

The return leg

Your journey back must be as careful as your journey there. Don’t stray too far south, for there lies the Vampire Coast. This enclave was recently established as a storm-wrecked expedition washed up on the shores one evening. Little did the survivors know, but one of their number was a vampire. Now this vampire rules a tropical domain, and his former crew mates serve him in death.

Sail too far north and you’ll risk patrols from Ulthuan, who take a ruthless approach to non-elven vessels, which they sink and show no mercy. Speaking of no mercy, avoid the Dark Elves or spend the miserable remainder of your life as a slave in Naggaroth.

Should you avoid these perils and return, please come and see us! We look forward to hearing from you.

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  1. Particlebit
    April 18, 2017

    Reminds me of the Lustria campaign from years back. Great flavor.

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