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Blood Bowl made to order!

Games Workshop recently announced they will offer the classic 90s Blood Bowl teams for Chaos, Chaos Dwarf and Dark Elf teams. The classic teams will be offered for one week only, along with the old Blood Bowl trophies.


All well and good, but how to the classic models stack up to the 2016 and 2017 releases? Never fear, crusty old players like me have both old and new teams, and can show you!

What follows are some photos I took comparing the new teams to the classic ones.

New Dwarf and classic Chaos Dwarf


The chaos dwarf and hobgoblin look diminutive while the Bull Centaur at least stands taller than even the floating slayers.



Here I’ve compared the classic chaos warriors with plastics from the 2016 box, both human and orc.


Same new figures but now alongside the classic beastmen, with their, ahem, classic paintjob.

No Dark Elves?

I don’t own the classic Dark Elf team so no comparison shots there – sorry! For those who want chaos but are looking at alternate manufactures, here’s a comparison shot with my recent chaos team from Willy Miniatures


Trophy case

As a final bonus, here are the classic Blood Bowl trophies next to some of the new figuresfor scale:





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